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In addition to our corporate and dynamic structure, we attach importance to reflect our environmental awareness to our work. We are aware that even small coding errors that occur in software systems can cause great damage in terms of values ​​aimed at protecting the environment. In addition, we actively follow technological developments and show the necessary work to protect the beauty of nature as much as possible.


In this context, one of our most prominent works is the QR code technology that we have been offering in our mobile software services since 2013. Thanks to our new generation QR code systems, we save paper at high rates and ensure the survival of millions of trees in the ecosystem.

In addition, we carry out our software services meticulously in order to prevent harmful energy conversions. As Codenra team, we are happy to show our difference from other companies in the sector on such an important issue.



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As Codenra, we pay attention to putting forward studies for the needs of the customer in our mobile software processes. Mobile applications, which are indispensable for daily life today, are among the software supports that every web page should have. In this context, if you want to reveal the difference of your site or company, it is important to have mobile applications with a clear interface, advanced graphic design and easy use. In addition, mobile software is the number one choice of many developed companies in terms of ease of operation.


As Codenra, we are aware of all the factors that make a mobile application preferred by the users and we complete our work by prioritizing these factors.


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As Codenra team, we attach great importance to exhibiting works in cooperation. Within the scope of our mobile software services, we keep up to date with the changes in rapidly developing technology. Although we are open to new methods as a team, we take our steps based on our past experiences.


As a result of our experience in the sector, we pay attention to the importance of understandability principle in software, which is one of our observations. Our mobile applications, which can be easily integrated into external software and automation systems, are among our services that are open to use in every sector. Using a clear and understandable language during our work, we produce codes that can be easily processed in case other software developers work on the project after us.


We stay in contact with you during the time you work with us and we complete the service you need in the most accurate way in line with your requests.

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