Mobile App

Elevator Talk
Demand is a pwa application that you can use to review services, order or call a waiter in restaurants or cafes. It will be enough to just read the barcode without downloading an application to your phone. With the application to be opened specifically for you, you can connect to anywhere you want interactively.

About the Application

Demand is updating for a contactless world. It is an application that actively service companies can easily use and customize. Demand allows you to purchase services or products in your business. By scanning the barcode at your location, the process is initiated and you are directed to a platform offered by your service provider. The panel you are in will give you the opportunity to easily communicate with the business and you will watch online that all your requests are evaluated.

Socket connections between communication devices will instantly forward your requests to where they are needed. Demand works as a PWA in your browser and is an application that will only be active when you use it.